Over 70 years have passed since the Hazrat passed away, yet even to this day the elders of Ghorghushti (of which only a few remain) and from far afield as Peshawar still visit the Hazrat's tomb and hold the Hazrat in the highest esteem. It's a testament to the Hazrat's achievements that the name Ghorghushti outside of the immediate area has become synonymous with Hazrat Maulana Qutbud Din Ghorghushtawi (عليه رحمة).




With the passing of both time and the elderly, and with there being a lack of written acknowledgement of the Hazrat's achievements, we have created this website to honour the Hazrat and have a written record of his legacy. Sadly, the Hazrat's lifetime achievements, books, and literature have all but been lost or are in the possession of parties unwilling to share this information. We therefore appeal to anyone who may be in possession of any knowledge regarding the Hazrat, whether its from His students, or students of students etc., who have any knowledge that has been passed down to them to contact us using the contact form with as much authentic/ verifiable information as possible.


جزاك الله خير